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August 23, 2021

It’s very difficult to create one simple place where I can collect all fetish stuff, ideas and passion that I want to. So that I’m trying to build some sort of net or hub for that. Here I’m gonna explain all the resources I’ll be creating for FetishX Project.

Chinese Salty Egg


It is a platform where you can buy and sell all the stuff related to sex, BDSM and fetish. It’s like ETSY for BDSM. I believe this kind of project would be very useful and commercially positive. But it requires a lot of resources, experience, time and partners.

FetishManiac used to host on fetishmaniac.com at the beginning, so that why it calls “FetishManiac”. I loved this name :) . So you’ll find the marketplace on https://shop.fetish-x.com at the moment

Mistresses List

It’s a part of services side of BDSM and FetishX Project. Commercial Mistresses is a huge direction in BDSM industry and I believe that I can make it a lil bit cleaner, more beautiful and simplier. So I create The Global Mistresses and Dommes List Here https://mistresses.fetish-x.com

The Hub

I always wanted to create my personal curated directory of BDSM and Fetish World. So I write about kinky stuff, I think about, describe it in my blog right here. And than I sort it, filter it and put it in the curated clean website for your convinience. And for me too :) So it’ll be here https://hub.fetish-x.com


On BDSM Marketplace I noticed that BDSM and Fetish Dating-page generates the most of the traffic I have on the website. Plus I know that search a BDSM or Fetish partner may be a huge problem. And dating is the most commercially attractive niche. So I create my own BDSM and Fetish Dating by Kvint Kallas. https://dating.fetish-x.com

Uncensored blogging platform [closed]

Wumblr.com is a free uncensored blogging platform. It has one obvious goal - alternative to Tumblr.com. But I had no resources and free traffic, so I closed it. In case you need free and uncensored social platform you will find a lot of beautiful websites dedicated to this purpose.

Chastity Farm [pending]

I’m obsessed with chastity and orgazm control. So I created a special service for Dommes/Keyholders and subs. It’s about hi-tech in BDSM and control. Ultimate control. Sounds hot :) First version was hosted on chastityfarm.com but I’ll relaunch it here - https://chastity.fetish-x.com

B2B for BDSM and Fetish industry

I could be a very bad seeker, but I can’t find a really god list or hub for BDSM and Fetish Business. I mean yes, there is XBiz, there are a couple of adult forums, but come on - I’m trying to find a supplier for the classic sex shop in USA and it’s a nightmare! So the world needs a simple, convinient and useful B2B-service for BDSM, Fetish and Adult industry. It’ll be here https://b2b.fetish-x.com

And a couple of projects that I can’t describe right now

So the final list of infrastructure/ecosystem:

  1. kvintkallas.club
  2. hub.fetish-x.com
  3. shop.fetish-x.com
  4. mistresses.fetish-x.com
  5. chastity.fetish-x.com
  6. b2b.fetish-x.com
  7. dating.fetish-x.com
  8. wip
Project Description State
hub.fetish-x.com Curated BDSM and Fetish Resources List Running
kvintkallas.club “Personal Office”, Bespoke BDSM & Fetish, Art Running
shop.fetish-x.com BDSM and Fetish Marketplace Running
wumblr.com Uncensored blogging platform Closed
mistresses.fetish-x.com Mistresses and Dommes List Running
chastity.fetish-x.com Chastity remote service Relaunching
b2b.fetish-x.com B2B for BDSM, Fetish, Adult Work in progress
dating.fetish-x.com BDSM, Fetish Dating Running

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